Nov    - Smart learning contents distribution and development Contract with Ducogen Uniwise
   - Participate in Design Korea 2015
   - Participate in K-Safety Expo 2015
   - Received the Good Design Small and Medium Business Administration Award
Oct    - Contents distribution and development MOU with Diwintech
   - Contents distribution and development MOU with BraxKo
   - Receive the Inno-Biz certificate
   - Participate in BIXPO 2015
   - Participate in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015
   - Participate in Korea Electronics Show 2015
   - Join in Market Exploitation Group to Vietnam
Sept    - Participate in 2015 Happy Region Exhibition
   - Participate in 2015 Seoul Lifelong Learning Festival
   - Participate in the K-ICT VR Festival 2015
   - Participate in e-Learning Korea 2015
   - Receive the Best e-Learning Award for the solution sector at e-Learning Korea 2015
Aug    - MOU with Silla University for contents distribution
   - Contract with Credit Counselling & Recovery Service for e-Learning Contents Distribution
July    - Gyeonggi Institute of Science and Technology Promotion: Gyeonggido Technological
     Development R&D Project
   - Participate in IDEAS SHOW 2015 in Taipei
   - Receive the International Award for the Pitching Battle
June    - MOU with Combus Tech
   - MOU with MyungHyun School
   - Participate in 2015 Creative Startup Korea
May    - Patent on 3-Dimensional Garment Fitting Cloud System using Kiosk with Kinetic Sensor and Method
   - Acquisition of ISO9001
   - Registration for VRWARE Real Program
   - Registration for VRWARE 3D Avatar Program
   - Registration for KOSWARE Program
Apr    - Participate in Goyangsi Flower Exhibition 2015
Mar    - Participate in KIMES2015 with DeawonFortis
Feb    - Participate in SPOEX2015 with DeawonFortis
Jan    - Government R&D SW Convergence Project on Online Authoring & Publishing Platform
     based on Immersive Smart Contents (2nd year)
Dec    - Participate in Korea Software Week 2014
   - Participate in Happy Region 2014 in Gwangju
Nov    - Participate in ShenZhen Hi-Tech Fair 2014
Oct    - Participate in Korea Electronics Show 2014
   - Participate in IT EXPO Busan
   - Registration for VRWARE Real Program
   - Registration for VRWARE 3D Avatar Program
   - Registration for KOSWARE Program
Sept    - Open KOSWARE beta service (www.kosware.com)
   - Registration with Dankook University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation
Aug    - MOU with MMSoft Vietnam
   - MOU with Incom Saigon Vietnam
   - Design Patent on Globe K-Station v1
July    - MOU for Contents Development and Management Contract with Soongsil Cyber University
   - MOU for Contents Development with Kyunkuk University
   - Receive the Digital Innovation Award
June    - Participate in CommunicaAsia 2014
   - Open Globepoint Vietnam Office in Hochiminh
May    - Participate in Goyang Flower Exhibition 2014
   - Participate in Good Game Show 2014 with Microsoft
   - MOU for Virtual Fitting Stimulation with Sewon Atos
   - MOU for Virtual Fitting Stimulation with Querzsquare
Apr    - Government R&D SW Convergence Project on Online Authoring and Publishing Based on
      Immersive Smart Contents (1st year)
   - Patent on Motion Kiosk response contents
Mar    - MOU for Contents Publishing with National Strategy Institute
Feb    - MOU for Collaboration in Smart Learning Area with FX Gear
   - Open the Lecture Recording System Service on Avatar (www.Vcast.co.kr)
Jan    - Patent Application on Video Authoring System using Virtual 3D Avatar
   - Open Global Website (www.globepointkorea.com)
Dec    - Start the virtual fitting service (www.Vspace.co.kr)
Nov    - Start the on-line learning contents publishing portal service (www.eCollege.co.kr)
   - Open the motion contents publishing portal (www.MotionSpace.co.kr)
Oct    - Participate in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2013
   - Authenticated as Cyber Institute of Continuing Education, Smart College
   - MOU for Contents Production with Darakwon
Sep    - Participate in e-Learning Korea 2013
   - Join in the market exploitation group to south east Asia
   - MOU for Contents Publishing with Easy Learning
July    - Government R&D Project of Virtual Fitting Stimulation
   - Government R&D Project of Smart Motion Kiosk and Cloud Platform
   - MOS Contents Production Contract with Webtime
June    - Exhibit Globe Smart Motion Learning, Globe UX Argos and Globe WordSense in CommunicAsia 2013
May    - Exhibit Smart Motion Contents of User Experiencing in Goyang International Flower Foundation 2013
   - Exhibit Smart Motion Contents at Good Game Show 2013
   - First Anniversary Seminar on Collaborative content creation using Microsoft Silverlight and Panopto
Feb    - MOU for contents business with Pearson and Oxford University Press
   - MOU for Smart Motion Contents with BitCamp
Jan    - Selected as the “Great Support Enterprise for Young Business from Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation”
   - Reported as “Promising Company” by et news
   - Contract for contents for handicapped students with QoLT of Seoul National University
Dec    - Panopto Korea Launching Seminar
Nov    - HQ Move to Smart Learning Innovation Center in Goyang City
   - Establish GlobePoint R&D Center Creative Innovation Lab
Oct    - Develop Authorizing Exceptional-Passport Online System for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Sep    - Contract with e-Learning Contents Production for Semyung University
   - Participate in 2012 Korea e-learning Exhibition
Aug    - Joined with Korea e-learning Industry Association
   - Partnership with BI solution Pentaho
   - Registration of Software Entrepreneur
July    - Smart Classroom Project for Samyangsa
   - BI Project for Samyang Data
   - Alliance on Platform Business with Sejong Telecom
   - Contract on Smart Motion Contents with BitCamp
Jun    - Establishment of GlobePoint Inc