Globepoint Newly Released Play Mode


2015.07.17 16:01 Hit 829

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The new 3D game to construct entertaining education contents by the user content tool will be launched shortly.

According to Globepoint’s CEO Raymond Sangyong Cho, the 3D game engine and VR technology to detect the user motions is known as the “Play Mode” was announced on July 14th.

Last month, the company received support from Goyangsi SW Convergence Project and the VRWARE Play Mode is the upgraded authoring contents tool version.

The Premium Play version allows the users to directly participate in their own produced games. For instance, objects like buildings, trees, lakes, educational video files and events can be inserted into the game.

The lecture can be recorded by 3D avatars by the motion detecting technology that it entertains the users to create diverse lectures. The user can select the background, diverse office documents and the video files can be inputted into the lecture. The final produced contents can be automatically uploaded onto the online course platform, KOSWARE and on other SNS websites.





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