Key Technologies

Pivot Screen (Patent pending in Korea, USA, China, Japan, Vietnam)
The screen rotates from horizontality to verticality automatically reacting to the input
contents, can maximize the effect of information delivery.

React to not only Touch but Motion
Globe Kstation is developed to be able to react to user's touch and gesture to improve the
use convenience since the existing motion kiosk is pointed out because of the handling difficulty to the close contents.

Save the Earth
For the future of the earth, it is installed the low-power LED screen and is used the green computing technologies on Globe Kstation.

  • Contents

    Korean Culture Experience (Hello, Hangul)
    - Learning games for Hangul education based on Hangul CR-block and motion sensor
    - Can apply for participatory device by developing the Korean culture or celebrity contents

    Taekwondo Level Promotion Simulation
    - Motion recognition evaluation simulation which can be applied effectively to the sports
      that player should be in exact position (ex: golf, tennis)
    - Applicable for self experience or especially for the overseas promotion which has lack
      of professionals
    - Can record level promotion test process in video and users can watch their score in
      real time

    Virtual Fitting Room
    - Virtual fitting room using user recognition system
    - Virtual clothes fitting / purchase system based on preference of user
    - Interactive cloud platform between the contents provider (producer/designer) and the

    Operate the 3rd machine
    - The smart guide robot connected with Kinect
    - Globe X-Guider is operated by the orders of the cloud platform embedded in the Smart
    - Motion Board, it can follows the users, escorts the way and explains the products.
      (Library, Museum, Gallery, Store)

    Applicable Area

    General Education
    - Motion learning and edutainment contents for children

    Special Education
    - Customized motion learning contents for handicapped students and remedial purpose

    General Industry
    - New Products promotion, advertisement and informing consumers

    Medical Industry
    - Rehabilitation and sanitation area which are concerned about the infections by touch

    Manufacture Industry
    - Training for the product assembly and the confirmation procedure of production level

    Government/Financial Office
    - Information delivery for the level, divisions of the building and major notice and events

    - Providing the 3D type installation art & product view in various degrees