A company’s homepage represents the face of the company. There are some cases that a customer leaves a question on the board and cannot receive the proper reply because of the rampant spam, advertisements and lewd posts. Another situation is that the personal information and business secret is exposed without any restriction. Globe WordSense is the perfect solution to these problems.

Key Technologies

Globe WordSense is an innovative solution which can make the fresh circumstance when using the website, that the existing filtering engines cannot do. Its key features are the preset classification of the texts including the particular words and the automatic management for the prohibited words like advertisement, lewdness, slander and spam as the administrator determined when managing the boards of the website in the public institutions or general companies.

System Diagram

Who uses Globe WordSense?

Local government
- Quick solution of civil complaints
- Smooth conversation with citizens
- Pleasant surroundings for users

- Filtering the curse words
- personal information protection


- Prior recognition on the problem of suicide or
  outcast of students
- Fast communication with students

- Rapid and easy response to clients' needs
- Maintenance of security and corporate secret

Applicable Area

- Filtering by keyword lists when the text is registered in website
- Automatic classification between sending to the related person or restricting the post by grasping keywords
- Preventing outflows of personal / confidential info and policy offense
- Managing profanities, advertisements and sexual words
- Smart defense on any circumstance such as PC/Mobile, Web/App, SNS, SMS etc
- Being adapted in multi national languages (currently beta test on English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese) and the text pattern
- which is changed or including special letters
- On/offline solution to control and manage obscene/abusive data for the clean surrounding of the website's users


You can see the demo video in this link.