Web/Mobile performance measuring solution

Globe UX Argos Features

Performance Management for Mobile & Apps

- Management performance for Mobile website & Apps
- Measured through the user's viewpoint for smart phones and
  mobile networks
- Support the Android & iPhone Web environment converted
  to mobile
Real-Time Management / Situation Room

- Real-time monitoring for 24hoursx365days
- System failure monitoring from the user's perspective
- Alarm of a failure notification to email/SMS
- Situation room function for checking performance of the website
  that allows to manage and understand at a glance

Wide range of Performance Indicators & Analysis

- Management of response time, availability, capacity of download,
  change rate of response time, component error rates, and a variety
  of performance indicators
- Fast identification on the cause of performance problems by trend
  check and spectral analysis techniques
- Response rate can be improved without server expansion

Performance Management

- Performance measurement and management for actual users of PC
  and network environment through the website (based on user's
- Performance measurement through a real browser
- Business performance management both external websites for client
  and internal website

Waterfall Charts

- Reflect the behavior of a browser
- Cause Analysis for factor of failures and performance issues
  · Easily find a cause of service failure
  · Easily identify cause of the factors that affect performance can
    be improved

Cloud Ready

- Support monitoring for Cloud environment web service
- Support web services monitoring for CDN and large-scale distributed
- Automatic extraction for the internal web services structure and
  visualization capabilities provide service map

The staple screen


Portal site Company A
- Quality of service standards established
- Establish a global quality management infrastructure of the country, and major foreign nodes
- Mobile Web/App service performance management system established

Financial Company B
- Optimize the number of image components from 320 to 145 (reduced 175)
- Response time improved from 2.1 seconds to about 1 ~ 1.1 seconds (47%)
- 50% improvement of response time without investment on hardware

Open market C
- Advantage ongoing performance monitoring through comparison with competitors

Cloud Providers D
- After analysis of cloud services, delay was caused by incorrect DNS settings
- Customer service and after change the DNS settings were normalized

What is Argos?

Argos was a surveillant of gods’ unfaithfulness with his hundred of eyes in Greek mythology. Globe UX Argos will keep the best conditions of client’s website with eyes of Argos.

You can see the demo video in this link.